清川 ワタル (Wataru Kiyokawa)

Actively participating in band sessions regardless of genre. She has a good reputation for her performance that accurately develops the song while being close to her song. He is a front-line live recording, not only playing drums, but also improving his background as a musician and working as a track maker as well as a drummer. In addition to releasing his solo album under the name of Ritomo, he is also producing orders.


清川ワタルによるテクノユニット。 シンセ打ち込み、生ドラムなどリズムを主体としたテクノ。 日本的情緒をメインにオリエンタルなテイストをちりばめた、 時には笑いあり、時にはなみだ(あるかな)の日本人によるテクノ。 シンプルで幻惑的な音像をもつ打ち込みに 沖縄~桜~宗教~詩吟~といった 日本的情緒を思い起こさせる古典楽器の音色と声のサンプルを交え、 さらに生ドラミングでグルーヴの揺らぎを加味した世界。 透徹した視点でテーマを取り込みつつもユーモアをちりばめ、 時にシニカルに、時にロマンティックに流れる音。 ライブではギターやベースなどのサポートと共に、CDとは違ったライブらしいライブをお届け中。

A techno unit by Wataru Kiyokawa. Rhythm-based techno such as synth driving and live drums. Japanese techno with oriental tastes, sometimes laughing, and sometimes tears, with a Japanese atmosphere. A world with a simple and magical sound image, with samples of the tones and voices of classical musical instruments reminiscent of Japanese emotions such as Okinawa-Sakura-Religion-Shigin-, and with live drumming and groove fluctuations. A sound that is sometimes cynical and sometimes romantic, with humor studded while incorporating the theme from a transparent perspective. At live performances, we are delivering live performances that are different from CDs, along with support for guitars and basses.






It has the meaning of multiplying the term I / O, which indicates input / output, with the numbers 0 and 1, and has the desire to absorb and transmit various things by creating things.
A creator unit that creates music with the theme of “listening ambient” by interweaving ambient music that blends in with the surroundings and is not so conscious of it, and a taste that allows you to listen more intensively.

Drums,Programing,Arrangement,Video/Wataru Kiyokawa

Guitar,Arrangement,Mixing,Mix/Hiroki Kimura




かおりともで作成した『それが日本茶』は世界お茶まつり2022 動画部門で優良賞を受賞。


Performer,Tea navigator.Tea instructor.Creater/井上香織


Kaori Inoue, a Japanese tea instructor, and Wataru Kiyokawa formed a Japanese tea promotion fusion unit, KaoriTomo. A collaboration workshop of Japanese tea and drums is being held regularly.

“It is Japanese tea” created by KaoriTomo won the Excellence Award in the video category of the World Tea Festival 2022.

Drums,Programing,Arrangement,Video/Wataru Kiyokawa

Performer,Tea navigator.Tea instructor.Creater/Kaori Inoue



モーニング娘。OG/TRF/森山直太朗/tohko/SCRIPT など

かおりとも/myush/日ノ出サンデーズ/越路よう子とザ★エレガンツ など